TNO and CMG start EMFORE, a joint venture in the field of strategic mobile-business

Amstelveen, 2 November 2000 - TNO and CMG announce the creation of EMFORE, a joint venture in the field of strategic mobile-business (m-business). EMFORE will provide advisory and IT architectural services aimed at assisting organisations to make use of the opportunities offered by mobile communications to innovate their businesses and differentiate themselves in the market place. EMFORE expects to grow into a company with 20 to 30 highly qualified consultants within two years.The next few years will see the creation of a large market for new business models where users are connected wirelessly to applications via a service provider. Sectors EMFORE will target include financial, government, transport, social services, tourism and construction. EMFORE offers creativity, knowledge and practical experience in the design and implementation of m-business models for clients.

TNO is a leading, independent knowledge company whose extensive expertise and research makes a major contribution to the competitiveness of businesses and organisations as well as to the Benelux economy as a whole. TNO holds a unique position in the market because of its versatility and its capacity for translating knowledge into meaningful applications. TNO is staffed by over 5,000 professionals.

This joint venture combines both TNO and CMG’s strategic, creative, R&D and management strengths. In doing so EMFORE will focus on developing the commercial and operational aspects of the technology, as well as the user interface. The starting point for EMFORE is the development of future-proof, robust, mobile solutions which take technological and social developments into account.

EMFORE is an independent company. Its staff are experienced wireless advisors and specialist m-business architects who work from their own knowledge and relationship networks. EMFORE has complete access to the knowledge and resources of CMG and TNO, giving the new company a solid foundation. EMFORE today consults organisations like the RABO Bank Group on the development of e-and m-commerce projects.

TNO and CMG decided to establish the joint venture because of their complementary expertise in the field of m-business and their joint ambition to play a leading role in this market. TNO provides the strategic direction and long-term advice, as well as in-depth knowledge of telecommunications developments, usability of systems, content management, information security, human factors and the Internet economy. CMG, as an expert and experienced ICT company, combines business knowledge, and technical and market expertise with a pragmatic approach in order to achieve project goals. At the same time, CMG has in-depth knowledge of mobile infrastructures and is the worldwide market leader in products for SMS, mobile e-mail and WAP.

Peter Zuidema, a member of the Board of Directors of CMG Netherlands stated: “EMFORE crowns our complete portfolio of mobile services. The co-operation with TNO strengthens and accelerates our ability to successfully exploit these services.”

Jan Dekker, Chairman of the TNO Board of Management: “This joint venture with one of the leading players in the ICT service sector offers TNO a promising opportunity to further materialise our strategy in knowledge commercialisation an ICT.”

Geleyn Meijer, Managing Partner EMFORE, added: “A person's desire for freedom coupled with the potential of mobile terminals are the keys to growth in mobile applications. All this can be seen in the leisure and entertainment market. As soon as capacity, reliability, security and ease of use are improved, other markets are likely to follow. The players who will lead in this are now setting their courses.”


TNO consists of around 5,100 people, professionals who together form a leading, independent knowledge company. From its expertise and research TNO delivers a significant contribution to the competitive power of companies and organisations, to the economy and to the quality of our society as a whole. Its versatility and capacity for the integration of this knowledge and expertise puts TNO in a unique position. As a major knowledge organisation, TNO fulfils a bridging function between fundamental research and practical adaptability. TNO wants to be a high value, creative, accessible, business oriented organisation, which actively offers its products to a wide range of businesses, organisations and governments.

TNO markets TNO-knowledge and learning via TNO Management B.V. (TMB), a 100% subsidiary company of TNO. TMB is the central holding company, holding all shares in TNO.


CMG is an Information & Communications Technology (ICT) group, working around the world, which has a leading position both in business ICT service provision and in mobile messaging and billing products. Using management consultancy, system development and integration, software applications and outsourcing, CMG is building up the reliable ICT infrastructures which organisations require for their new electronic and mobile commerce adaptations. CMG, established in 1964, has head offices in London and Hoofddorp and is currently active from its bases in 16 countries. CMG has knowledge, solutions and products for clients in the financial sector, trade, transport, petrochemical, telecommunications, media, retail, production and public utilities industries and governments. The Group also supplies business outsourcing services as well as salary processing, the management of call centres, networks, infrastructures and applications, and hosting.

CMG Telecommunications has obtained a leading position in wireless messaging and gateway products, mobile Internet and e-mail, cell broadcast and customer care & billing systems. These products are supplied world wide to mobile telecommunications operators and service providers from offices in Europe, North and South America and the Asian-Pacific region. CMG is quoted on the stock exchanges in London (FTSE 100 and techMark 100 index) and in Amsterdam (AEX Midkap index). Further information on CMG can be found at

Bron: The Motley Fool